Kaus Insurance

UX/UI Project
Project Overview
Creating a new experience and interface for Kaus Insurance from end to end.
Role: UX/UI Designer
Client: DesignLab
Duration: 7 weeks, Dec 2019 - Feb 2020

Tools: Sketch, Whimsical, Marvel, Invision, Zeplin


1. Research
User Interviews
Competitive Analysis
2. Information Architecture
Card Sorting
3. Interaction Design
Task Flows
User Flows
Responsive Design
4. User Interaction Design
Brand Style
UI Design
UI Kit
5. Iteration and Implementation
High Fidelity Prototype
Usability Testing
Affinity Mapping
Kaus has been in the insurance business for over 30 years.
They have been working through regional agents, selling the policies to them instead of directly to customers. Now, Kaus wants to start providing all types of insurance for individuals: property, motor, liability, marine, aviation, life, health and protection.

They want to provide a good user experience to their customers, but they know insurance selection is not easy and are open to breaking industry standards in favor of a better experience.
To rebrand Kaus to signal a transition into selling directly to customers and to a younger user base.
- Design a fresh and approachable younger brand that signals a new audience.
- Research what the users are enjoying and missing in the insurance space.
- Create a trustworthy, informative, yet friendly brand website that is responsive and clean.
How can we create an experience that allows users to feel equipped, confident, and certain in their actions and decisions?
User Interviews
Participants: 3
Ages: 27-29
Have experience 
purchasing insurance.

Interview Guide
InterviewsUser Interview Results

Users expressed needing trust, security, and effective coverage.

WantsAll users expressed a desire for personal one-on-one connection
and for informed education.

DesiresCheaper insurance.
Plans and coverage tailored to individual needs.
One on one consultation and advisement.
Educational resources.
Peer to peer plan information sharing.
Peer to peer referrals. 
Relational advisement.

Marketplace Analysis

This targeted groups of users is currently around 22% of the U.S. population and 40% of car buyers by 2020.
From researching the marketplace, a great majority of insurance providers still haven’t adjusted to the growing population that is entering the customer base.

Companies like Allstate have created offshoots like Esurance to specifically target this group,
whereas Progressive stands to span the middle. StateFarm follows more of the market standard
that targets an older user.

Insurance providers range from simple, informative and easy to information-heavy
or action-oriented that assume the users are equipped to make purchasing decisions.

This storyboard illustrates a real user's story, yet instead of the frustrating conclusion that happened in reality, Kaus comes through with the support and service that she needed.
Business Goals
- To attract the millennial user base and innovate the old model of business to accommodate the incoming and current population of users.
- To increase sales of product, while maintaining and improving impact.
- To build loyalty and a legacy among users.
Customer Goals
- To feel safe and secure in coverage.
- To understand where bills are going and feel knowledgable of the process.
- To not feel like users are being taken advantage of or like money is being wasted.
- To not have to worry that they will not be taken care of in case of emergency.
Technical Goals
- To create modes of communication that can reasonably be well executed.
- To respect Kaus' team boundaries and time, while designing a viable product that delivers on its promises.
- To structure the information and resources in a way that feels structured and easy to navigate.
To create an experience that is trustworthy and effective—worthy of brand loyalty and referral. To create a product that is attractive, intuitive, and secure. Not complicated, not lacking. To create an immersive, personal-feeling product that won’t take too much time or resources. An efficient, easy, quality product.
Lo-fi Wireframes
Responsive Wireframes
Logo Exploration & Style Tile
Responsive Hi-fi UI Designs
Kaus UI Kit
Testing Goals
- To observe users’ interactions with the website and evaluate their experiences with specific features and actions, as well as in general.
- To identify potential pain points.
- To define the quality of accessibility, flow, navigation, information architecture, and general design.
Affinity Map
Next Steps:
- Increase the visual hierarchy for the top of the page to give the eye somewhere to go to first.
- Make the Chat with an Agent language consistent, and make the hovering chat button more obvious.
- Repeat Insurance in more places above the fold, for those that will not scroll.
- Iterate, test, and repeat.
Questions for Future Iterations:
How might we create an accessible and delightful bundling feature that is both informative on savings while functional and useful?

How do we maintain this brand and voice throughout the site, from the FAQ to the check out page and even human interactions?